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The name of the CLUB in English shall be BLOEMFONTEIN CAMERA CLUB (BCC).

2. AIM
To promote photography in which ever manner and bring together photo- graphers who wish to express their photographs by showing, evaluating and discussing it with friends who share the same love and interests. To present opportunities to members to learn more from experts willing to share their knowledge with others.

3.1 The CONSTITUTION of the Club can only be amended by:
3.1.1 A 25% majority of paid up members present at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and only after notice of such changes was given at least two weeks in advance to fully paid up members, by email to their last known email address as supplied, or
3.1.2 A 25% majority of paid up members present at the SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING and only after notice of such changes was given at least two weeks in advance to paid up members by email to their last known email address supplied
3.1.3 If members present do not form a quorum (Clause 10) at any of the above meetings, the further order of the meeting will follow as set out in clause 10.3 hereunder.

4.1. Anyone who is interested in photography shall be eligible to be elected as an ordinary member of the Club. There shall be no age restriction and no discrimination will be made between professional and amateur members.
4.2 Election of members
4.2.1 Every application for membership shall be made on an Application form supplied by the Committee.
4.2.2 The Committee will have the right to accept or reject such application, and upon such acceptance, the new member shall make remittance for the current subscription.
4.2. Honorary Members
4.3.0 The Committee shall have the right to nominate and approve Honorary Members of the club.
4.3.1 Any member who has met the following criteria- shall be eligible to be elected as Honorary Member, namely who:
4.3.1a has served the Club for a minimum of 15 years
4.3.1b is older than 65 years
4.3.1c served on the committee
4.3.1d moved the Club forward through their contribution in terms of leadership, skills development or membership growth.
4.3.2 Those nominations for Honorary Membership shall then be submitted to the AGM of the Club for ratification.
4.4. Membership fees
4.4.1 The treasurer shall propose to all members present at the AGM, the fees for the following year.
4.4.2 The fully paid-up members present shall ratify or amend the proposed fees at the AGM.
4.4.3 Members joining during the course of a book year will pay the full yearly membership fee, but a pro rata credit will be carried over to the next book year. A joining fee will be determined at the AGM.
4.4.4 Honorary Members shall exempted from membership fees.
4.4.5 Membership fees are immediately payable after the AGM during which membership fees are determined and not later than first following meeting in December.
4.4.6 Members who have not paid membership fees fully by the end of January first following the AGM during which membership fees were determined will forfeit their membership. If again applying for membership, a joining fee will be payable.
4.4.7 A member who has been expelled shall have no claim to any funds or assets of the Club.

5.1 The Club shall be governed by a committee who must be elected annually at the AGM.
5.2 Members of the Committee shall be elected for a term of one year, or as outlined in the Club rules.
5.8 The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings. He/she shall appoint a Chairperson for a meeting should he or she be absent.
5.9 Election:
5.9.1 Nominations for the committee can be made before the AGM.
5.9.2 Each nomination must be seconded by another member.
5.9.3 The Committee shall consist of: • A Chair person • A Secretary • A Treasurer • Additional members as required and as laid out in the Club rules.
5.9.4 If the number of nominations does NOT EXCEED the number of Committee members as stated in the Club rules, those nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected.

The Committee shall have the following competencies and functions in the name and on behalf of the Club:
6.1 Have sole control, management and disposition of the affairs, property and funds of the Club
6.2 Receive, administer and apply moneys of the Club
6.3 Open and operate banking accounts in the name of the Club
6.4 The power to buy, sell, let or hire, exchange, transfer, receive by way of donation or otherwise, movable property
6.5 the power to enter into and sign any contracts in the name of the Club and to institute and defend any legal proceedings by or against the Club
6.6 the power to deal generally with the movable property of the Club and to sign all necessary powers of attorney and other documents required in transacting general business of the Club
6.7 the power to call a Special Meeting
6.8 the power to promulgate and alter rules in conformity with the Constitution for the proper control of the affairs of the Club according to its sole discretion
6.9 the power to all such other things as, in its opinion are conducive to the attainment of all or any of the aims of the Club
6.10 the power to govern all assets of the Club
6.11 Have the power to terminate or re-instate membership, suspend or expel any member for breach of rules, for unseemly conduct or malcontent
6.12 the power to call a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING
6.13 the power to appoint sub-committees as needed and shall prescribe their duties and functions
6.14 the power to co-opt members to carry out specific duties as required. Such a member will form part of the committee but will have no voting rights
6.15 The responsibility to operate according to THE CLUB RULES as drawn up by the committee, but in accordance with the constitution.
6.16 The responsibility to decide on the format of the monthly club meetings, and to endeavour to appoint at least one judge at each meeting.

7.1. The financial year of the Club shall run from 1 November to 31 Oct.
7.2 The funds of the Club shall be deposited with a bank approved by the Committee.
7.3 The funds of the Club shall be used solely for the furtherance of the Club.
7.4 All payments shall be authorised by the Committee and ratified at the following committee meeting in the minutes.
7.5 . The committee shall at no time expend any amount exceeding the available funds of the Club.
7.6. All Financial Statements shall be prepared in an accounting manner and presented at the AGM.

8.1 Ordinary monthly meetings shall be held at a time and place pre- approved by the Committee.
8.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be held to coincide with the November monthly meeting.
8.3 Notice of such a meeting shall be given at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.
8.4 The AGM shall i.e.:
8.4.1 Receive the Annual Report of the Chairperson
8.4.2 Receive the Financial statements
8.4.3 Elect the Committee for the ensuing year
8.4.4 Ratify Annual Membership and joining fees.
8.5 Special General Meetings may be held on request of at least 50% of fully paid-up members.
8.5.1 Special General Meetings may be held on request of at least 4 members of the committee.
8.6 Minutes shall be kept of all meetings.
8.7 Minutes shall be read and approved at the next meeting of the same kind.

9.1. The Committee shall hold at least 2 committee meetings, of which at least one per semester.
9.2. Any Committee member who, without prior notice, is absent from three consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member of the Committee.
9.3. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill vacancies which may arise on the committee.

10.1. At each of the following meetings the quorum shall be as given:
10.1.1 AGM = 25 % of paid up members
10.1.2 Special General Meeting = 25% percent of paid up members
10.1.3 Committee Meetings = 50% of committee members.
10.2 In the case of the absence of a quorum in the committee meetings, the meeting shall proceed as normal, but the minutes and decisions must be ratified at the next meeting.
10.3 In the case of the absence of a quorum at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour. "WhatsApp" & "SMS" messages shall immediately be send to fully paid-up members, calling upon them to attend the meeting. If, within a half an hour a quorum could still not be convened, the meeting will continue and the fully paid-up members present, will be considered to form a quorum and majority decisions will be acepted.

11.1 Every person whose name is included as a fully paid-up member and honorary member shall have the right to vote at all Annual General Meetings or Special General Meetings.
11.2 Voting for members of the Committee shall be made by ballot.
11.3 All other voting shall be done by the show of hands.

12.1 The Club may be wound up by a resolution of at least 55% of the paid-up members present (or by proxy) at a Special General Meeting.
12.2 In the event of the Club being wound up, the assets of the Club remaining after the satisfaction of all liabilities, shall by way of voting, be transferred to a similar photographic Club or instance, alternatvely, the net proceeds may be divided amongst the current fully paid-up members of the Club.


Die Klub heet in Afrikaans, BLOEMFONTEIN KAMERAKLUB (BKK).

2. Doel
Om fotografie te bevorder op welke wyse ookal, en fotograwe byeen te bring wat begerig is om hul foto's te wys, evalueer en met vriende te bespreek wat dieselfde liefde en belangstelling deel. Lede die geleentheid te bied om meer te leer by kenners wat graag hul kundigheid met ander deel.

3.1 Die Grondwet van die Klub kan slegs soos volg gewysig word:
3.1.1 Deur ‘n 25% meerderheid van ten volle betaalde lede, teenwoordig by ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering en slegs na kennisgewing van sodanige wysigings ten minste twee weke vooraf aan die ten volle betaalde lede by wyse van ‘n e-pos na hul laasbekende eposadres soos verskaf, of
3.1.2 ‘n 25% Meerderheid van ten volle betaalde lede teenwoordig by ‘n Spesiale Algemene Vergadering en slegs na kennisgewing van sodanige wysigings ten minste twee weke vooraf aan die ten volle betaalde lede by wyse van e-pos na ‘n laasbekende eposadres, soos verskaf
3.1.3 As lede teenwoordig by bogenoemde vergaderings nie ‘n kworum (Klousule 10) vorm nie, verloop die vergadering verder soos uiteengesit in klousule 10.3 hieronder.

4.1 Enige iemand wat belangstel in fotografie kwalifiseer om gekies te word as ‘n gewone lid van die klub. Daar is geen ouderdoms- beperking en geen diskriminasie tussen professionele en amateurlede nie.
4.2 Verkiesing van lede
4.2.1 Elke aansoek om lidmaatskap word gedoen by wyse van ‘n lidmaatskapaansoekvorm, soos voorsien deur die Komitee.
4.2.2 Die Komitee het die reg om sodanige aansoek te aanvaar of te verwerp en na aanvaarding moet die nuwe lid die heersende aansluitings- en lidmaatskapgelde betaal.
4.3 Erelede
4.3.0 Die Komitee het die reg om persone te nomineer en goed te keur as Erelede van die Klub.
4.3.1 Enige lid wat aan die volgende vereistes voldoen, kwalifiseer om as ‘n Erelid verkies te word:
4.3.1a is langer as 15 jaar verbonde aan die Klub
4.3.1b is ouer as 65 jaar
4.3.1c het op ‘n Komitee gedien
4.3.1d het die klub bevorder deur bydraes i.t.v. leierskap, vaardigheid of lidmaatskapbevordering.
4.3.2 Sodanige nominasies vir Erelidmaatskap word dan op die Algemene Jaarvergadering van die Klub voorgelê vir goedkeuring.
4.4 Lidmaatskapgelde
4.4.1 Die Penningmeester lê tydens ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering aan die lede teenwoordig, lidmaatskapgelde vir die opvolgende jaar, voor.
4.4.2 Die ten volle betaalde lede teenwoordig, moet die voorgestelde gelde tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering goedkeur of aanpas.
4.4.3 Lede wat gedurende die loop van 'n boekjaar aansluit betaal die volle jaargelde, met 'n pro rata krediet oordraagbaar na die volgende boekjaar. By die Algemene Jaarvergadering word aansluitingsgelde bepaal.
4.4.4 Erelede is vrygestel van Lidmaatskapgelde.
4.4.5 Lidmaatskapgelde is onmiddellik betaalbaar na die Algemene Vergadering waartydens Lidmaatskapgelde bepaal is en nie later as die eersvolgende vergadering in Desember nie.
4.4.6 Lede wat nie Lidmaatskapgelde ten volle betaal het teen die einde van Januarie eersvolgend op die Jaarvergadering waartydens die Lidmaatskapgelde vasgestel is nie, verbeur hul lidmaatskap. Indien weer aansoek om lidmaatskap gedoen word, moet opnuut aansluitingsgelde betaal word.
4.4.7 ‘n Lid wat geskors is, sal geen eis hê ten aansien van enige fondse of bates van die klub nie.

5.1 Die Klub word bestuur deur ‘n Komitee wat tydens die Jaarlikse Algemene Jaarvergadering verkies word.
5.2 Lede van die Komitee word verkies vir ‘n termyn van een jaar, of soos uiteengesit kragtens interne klubreëls.
5.8 Die Voorsitter beheer alle vergaderings. Sou hy/sy afwesig wees wys hy of sy ‘n Voorsitter vir so ‘n vergadering aan.
5.9 Verkiesing:
5.9.1 Nominasies vir die Komitee kan voor die AJV gemaak word.
5.9.2 Elke nominasie moet gesekondeer word deur nog ‘n lid
5.9.3 Die Komitee bestaan uit * Voorsitter * Sekretaris * Penningmeester * Addisionele lede, soos benodig en soos voorgeskryf deur die klubreëls.
5.9.4 As die getal nominasies nie die getal Komiteelede soos voorgeskryf in die klubreëls oorskry nie, word daardie genomineerdes geag om behoorlik verkies te wees.

Die Komitee het die volgende bevoegdhede en funksies in die naam en ten behoewe van die klub:
6.1 Uitsluitlike bestuurskontrole en afhandelingsmagte ten aansien van die sake, eiendom en fondse van die klub
6.2 Ontvang, bestuur en aanwend van gelde van die klub
6.3 Opening en bestuur van ‘n bankrekening in die naam van die Klub
6.4 Die koop, verkoop, huur, verhuur, verruil, oordrag en ontvangs van donasies ten opsigte van roerende goed
6.5 Die sluit van kontrakte en ondertekening namens die Klub en hantering van regsaksies ten gunste van en ter verdediging van die Klub
6.6 Algemene handeling met die roerende eiendom van die Klub en die tekening en uitvoering van volmagte ten aansien van die algemene sake van die Klub
6.7 Die bevoegdheid om ‘n Spesiale Vergadering te belê
6.8 Die bevoegdheid om reëls uit te vaardig en sodanig te wysig, vir die behoorlike beheer van Klubsake, in die bestuur se uitsluitlike diskresie maar in ooreenstemming met die Grondwet
6.9 Die bevoegdheid om sodanige aksies te verrig wat na oordeel bydraend is tot die voordeel van al of enige doelstellings van die Klub
6.10 Die bestuur van al die bates van die klub
6.11 Die bevoegdheid om lidmaatskap te beëindig of her- in te stel, of op te skort, of ‘n lid te skors vir die verbreking van reëls of onbehoorlike gedrag, of ontevredenheid
6.12 Die bevoegdheid om ‘n Spesiale Algemene Vergadering te belê
6.13 Die bevoegdheid om sub-komitees, soos benodig, aan te wys en die pligte en funksies daarvan voor te skryf
6.14 Die bevoegdheid om lede te koöpteer om spesifieke pligte te verrig, soos benodig. Sodanige lid wat deel vorm van die Komitee sal egter nie oor stemreg beskik nie
6.15 Die verantwoordelikheid om kragtens KLUBREËLS te funksioneer, soos opgestel deur die Komitee, maar binne die riglyne van die Grondwet
6.16 Die verantwoordelikheid om oor die formaat van maandelikse klubvergaderings te besluit en te poog om ten minste een beoordelaar vir elke vergadering aan te wys.

7.1 Die Finansiële jaar van die Klub strek van 1 November tot 31 Okt.
7.2 Fondse van die Klub moet gedeponeer word by ‘n bank, soos goedgekeur deur die Komitee.
7.3 Fondse van die Klub moet uitsluitlik aangewend word tot voordeel van die Klub.
7.4 Alle betalings moet gemagtig word deur die Komitee en goedgekeur word tydens ‘n opvolgende Komiteevergadering en genotuleer word.
7.5 Die Komitee moet onder geen omstandighede meer geld spandeer as wat geredelik beskikbaar is tot krediet van die Klub nie.
7.6 Alle Finansiële State moet in ‘n rekenkundige formaat tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering voorgelê word.

8.1 Gewone maandelikse vergaderings moet gehou word op ‘n tyd en plek soos vooraf goedgekeur en bepaal deur die Komitee.
8.2 Die Algemene Jaarvergadering moet gehou word om saam te val met die November Jaarvergadering.
8.3 Kennisgewing van ‘n Jaarvergadering moet minstens 14 dae voor aanvang daarvan gegee word.
8.4 Tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering word o.a.:
8.4.1 ‘n Jaarverslag deur die Voorsitter voorgehou
8.4.2 Finansiële State voorgehou
8.4.3 ‘n Komitee vir die opvolgende jaar verkies
8.4.4 Jaarlikse ledegeld en aansluitingsgelde vasgestel.
8.5 Spesiale Algemene Jaarvergadering kan belê word op versoek van ten minste 50% van ten volle betaalde lede.
8.5.1 Spesiale Algemene Vergaderings kan gehou word op versoek van ten minste 4 komiteelede.
8.6 Vergaderings moet behoorlik genotuleer word.
8.7 Notules sal voorgehou en goedgekeur word op die eersvolgende soortgelyke vergaderings.

9.1 Die Komitee moet ten minste 2 vergaderings per jaar hou met 'n minimum van 1 per semester.
9.2 Enige Komiteelid wat sonder voorafkennisgewing afwesig is van ten minste drie opvolgende vergaderings, se lidmaatskap van die komitee word outomaties opgeskort.
9.3 Die Komitee het die bevoegdheid om lede te koöpteer om vakatures wat ontstaan op die Komitee, te vul.

10.1 Tydens die vergaderings geld ‘n kworum soos volg:
10.1.1 Algemene Jaarvergadering = 25% van ten volle betaalde lede
10.1.2 Spesiale Algemene Vergaderings = 25% van ten volle betaalde lede
10.1.3 Komiteevergaderings = 50% van die Komiteelede.
10.2 In die geval van die afwesigheid van ‘n kworum by die komiteever- gaderings, gaan dit normaalweg voort, maar die notules en besluite moet tydens die opvolgende vergadering goedgekeur word.
10.3 In die geval van die nie-voldoening aan ‘n kworum tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering of Spesiale Vergadering, verdaag so- danige vergadering vir ‘n halfuur.“Whatsapp” & SMS" boodskappe moet dadelik aan ten volle betaalde lede gestuur word, wat hulle oproep om onmiddellik die vergadering by te woon. Indien na verloop van ‘n halfuur steeds geen kworum verkry word nie, sal die vergadering hervat en die ten volle betaalde lede teenwoordig, geag ‘n kworum te vorm en die meerderheidsbesluite sal aanvaar word.

11.1 Elke persoon wie se naam gelys word as ‘n ten volle betaalde lid of ‘n Erelid, het stemreg tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering of Spesiale Jaarvergaderings.
11.2 Stemming vir lede van die Komitee geskied by wyse van stembrief.
11.3 Alle ander stemming geskied by wyse van handopsteek.

12.1 Die klub mag ontbind word kragtens ‘n resolusie van ten minste 55% ten volle betaalde lede teenwoordig (of kragtens volmag) tydens ‘n Spesiale Algemene Vergadering.
12.2 In geval van beëndiging van die Klub, moet die oorblywende bates daarvan na bevrediging van alle verpligtinge, by wyse van stemming, oorgedra word aan ‘n soortgelyke fotografiese vereniging of instansie, of in die alternatief, moet die netto opbrengs verdeel word tussen die tans ten volle betaalde lede van die klub.

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