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Mission Statement
The Photographic Society of South Africa was founded in 1954 as a non-profit organization.

PSSA aims:

To bring together all people interested in photography.
To promote the highest possible standards of photography.
To promote the interests of photography amongst all its members.

PSSA represents its members and fosters their interests at all levels.

What is PSSA?
The Photographic Society of South Africa is the officially recognised Body representing photographers in Southern Africa. It is the South African equivalent of the Photographic Society of America to whom it is affiliated. PSSA is an autonomous Society and through its affiliations affords members contact with the international affairs of photography.

PSSA aims to weld together the photographic and associated efforts of individuals and clubs into one strong unit.

The Society is recognised by Government through the Performing Arts Council. It is consulted on aspects affecting photography in South Africa as well as being able to negotiate protection and exemption for photographic clubs and members.

The Society monitors and censors images deemed unfit for public viewing.
PSSA provides medals to and participates in the organisation of National and International Photographic Salons.
Honours are bestowed and awards made by the Society. These titles and honours are respected throughout the world.

A Photographic Congress is staged each year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Society. This affords photographers a platform to meet fellow photographers and hear speakers who are recognised as leading authorities in their particular fields. Click here for the minutes of the last AGM in 2017.

The Society is controlled by a Board of Directors elected by the members.

The day to day operations of the Society are carried out by an Executive Committee, which is responsible to the Board of Directors. The Society consists of a number of divisions, which are controlled by individual Chairmen who are also responsible to the Directors. They must provide a quarterly report to the Executive Committee and Directors.

PSSA publishes a magazine named IMAGE, which covers all aspects of the Society's activities and photography in general.

Annually a directory is published containing the names and addresses of all members and member clubs, together with the Society's Honours and Awards holders.

A copy of the Society's Memorandum and Articles of Association is available on this website under About Us.
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